How the Individual Leagues are run

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The list of all the entrants to each Individual competition is sorted into declared average order. That list is then split up into divisions, depending on where suitable gaps in the averages occur. Divisions can theoretically be of any size from two upwards but generally they have around eight to ten competitors each.

During the competition, for each round in each division of the Individual leagues, each competitor is ranked in the order of their score for that round.  The top scorer in each division is awarded a number of points equal to the number of competitors in that division (say N).  The next highest scorer is given N-1 points, the next, N-2 points and so on down to the lowest scorer who is given 1 point. Equal scores are given the same number of points. No-returns and disqualifications are not considered and get no points. Thus, in a 9-person division, the top scorer is given 9  points, the next 8 points etc. If the top score is attained by two shooters they both get 9 points and the next shooter gets 7 points and similarly for equality in the lower positions.

In each round after the points have been allocated as above and points and gunscores have been accumulated from the previous round, the divisions are sorted into total points order. The winner of each division is the competitor with most points at the end of the programme. If points are equal, then total gunscore (aggregate) is used to split the tie. If still tied, then two medals are awarded (same applies to 2nd placers).

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