Any club wishing to use electronic targets must take note of the information below, and also read and follow Rule 0.12 in the CNTSA Rules & Guidelines (see the link under ‘League Info’ above) as well as the revised NSRA Rules introduced in 2022 and in particular Rule 7.4.11 regarding stickering as well as Rules 1.10.9 and 7.4.8.

Permission to use electronic targets was introduced to C&NTSA leagues from the Winter 2018-19 season. Such targets may only be used in the prone rifle (indoors and out) and 10m air rifle and air pistol deliberate competitions. They are also allowed in the 10m Rapid Fire Air Pistol competition but only if the equipment used is designed to run such competitions. Currently the only equipment so approved is the Sport Quantum SQ10. Anyone interested should read the relevant section in our League Rules (0.12) and NSRA Rules 7.4.8 and 7.4.11 and be well prepared before using electronic targets for competitions. ‘Dry runs’ before firing any competitions are strongly advised.

Any club that wishes to use electronic targets of any type to use in the above competitions must have already registered the particular make and model with the NSRA, and subsequently (on their approval) declared same to the C&NTSA Competition Secretary (use the Contact Us link above) in good time prior to use. ISSF approval is not necessarily required.

For Meyton and SQ10 equipment, the A4 forms mentioned in rules 0.12.4 and 0.12.5 must be prepared for each shooter before shooting. Clubs may already have in place a method of producing forms using a ‘mail merge’ process to create customised forms for each of their shooters in each competition they shoot. These may be used.  For clubs that do not have such a system then the simple form provided here may be used with both Meyton and SQ10 equipment. Download it to your computer, insert your clubname, save it then print off sufficient numbers for each shooter’s programme. If necessary, please contact the Competitions Secretary for guidance on how to set up a ‘mail merge’ system for creating customised forms for Meytons/SQ10s if desired: Word 2007 or later is required as well as a little knowledge of Excel.

Each Meyton or SQ10 form (either the club’s or the C&NTSA one) can be considered to be a ‘start card’ and at the minimum, the shooter’s name, club and sticker(s) may either be on the form before shooting commences (just like an ordinary target) or affixed after shooting by the witness or range officer before being printed. After shooting, the form showing the scores and the sticker(s) will be signed by the shooter and then signed and dated by the witness in the designated places. Only the original forms may be sent to the scorers – scans or photos are not acceptable.

It is understood that newer Sius Ascor and Megalink equipment do not necessarily utilise pre-printed forms so no ‘start card’ or download is required for that. The procedures described in the NSRA Rules should be followed in those cases.

Each printed A4 sheet must represent either 10 or 20 shots so the equipment must be set up accordingly for the relevant course of fire.  See rule for the arrangements for shooting Team and Individual competitions concurrently.

The shots recorded on each sheet or printer strip must be for one round only. This is in the shooter’s interests because if there was an issue that required the shoot to be disqualified (not signed, say), then only one round’s-worth of shots would be affected. A round can be shot over two separate sheets if desired (i.e. ten shots on each) provided all 20 shots are shot within the time-limit of 2 hours.

Please be aware that this is still an early foray into this new environment. Consequently, there may be glitches in procedures and unforeseen practical issues that might arise that are not covered as they might be unknown to us in advance. We shall do our best to accommodate any changes in procedures in the light of experience, for example regarding any differences in the use of equipment other than Sius, Meyton, SQ10  and Megalink that we are currently unaware of, and we should be happy to take advice on such matters. In some respects, we’re learning on the job.

Please write in if you have any concerns about anything given here or in Rule 0.12.

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