Entry Forms

Entries for the Summer 2024 season have closed. The links belose will reactivate when the forms for next winter’s seasonb become available.

The electronic Excel entry form for the upcoming season is available here, and the League Information document is available here. The latter gives the conditions of entry and the summarised conditions of shooting each competition. You should download both files (Excel and Word files respectively) and read the latter file carefully – especially important for new entrants.

Using the Excel form permits clubs to send in their entries by email rather than normal post. You must read all the information in the ‘Instructions’ sheet carefully before use.

Please note that the Excel form can only be used with Microsoft Excel on either a PC or laptop (Windows or Mac) or a tablet such as an iPad (with a Microsoft 365 subscription). If that is not possible for you for whatever reason, then you must use the paper-based entry form, so please use the ‘Contact us’ link above to request one from the Competitions Secretary.