Listed below are some of the most broken NSRA Rules and their associated penalties:

5.2.1:  2 shots on one diagram, but correct number on card – 1 point penalty

5.2.2:  Shot(s) on another persons card – 2 points penalty per shot

5.2.3:  Extra shots unaccounted for – Lowest 10 shots scored plus 1 point penalty per extra shot

7.3.3:  Card shot after the end of the match period – No Score

7.4.2:  Not signed by the shooter – No Score  Trim line damaged – No score (with cards with a dotted trim line, ALL of the line MUST remain on the card intact)  Otherwise damaged or mutilated card including re-stuck stickers – No Score  Not witnessed and/or dated or the shooter dated the card – No Score

7.8.3:  Cards shot on separate days – Best card only to count, assuming it was shot within the match period. NB CNTSA Rules say each set of two cards must be shot within two hours.  Cards not received by the scorer in time – No Score

See here for the full NSRA Rules.

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