Stats & Records

Take this link to see Statistics & Records for current and past seasons.
(a PDF file will open in a new tab)

This will show entry numbers and their trends both overall and by competition. It also gives record scores and aggregates for each competition since the Summer 2004 season for the available data (see below). If any errors are spotted, please advise.

If any reader has any of the missing results files as given below then please send them in. Go on, dig out that old computer or wake up your retired Secretary who never threw anything out. Just one file will provide the entry numbers at the least.

Here’s a summary of the Excel files still required to fill out the stats (and thanks to those who have already responded):
Any or all pre-Summer 2004
Any or all Winter 2004-05
Rounds 1-9 Summer 2005, Winter 2005-06
Rounds 1 & 2 and 4-9 of Summer 2007
Rounds 1-9 of Winter 2007-08, Summer 2008 and Winter 2008-09

Unfortunately, only the Excel files will do for the statistical analyses – this contributer has not been able to convert any of the PDF files available into a useful Excel format (quite apart from the Summer 2005 ones being password-protected). If anyone can reliably convert these pretty complex PDF files to Excel in the format we all know and love then please let us know know if you can help out with that!