The Leagues

Our league programme comprises competitions run in many different disciplines for both individuals and teams of 3 and all are run in both Summer and Winter seasons unless specified.

Clubs from any part of the United Kingdom (or anywhere else if they use the right targets) are welcome to join in. There is no affiliation fee – all you pay are the entry fees which are currently £4 per individual and £12 per team of 3. Senior and Junior competitions are run concurrently with any of our leagues if there are sufficient entries. If you would like further details or to request an entry form, please use the ‘Contact us’ link above to get in touch.

Take this link for full details of how all our league competitions are run.

A summary of what competitions we offer is given below. Please see the Rules using the dropdown under ‘League Info’ in the menu above for the full, definitive description of each one including which firearms and targets are to be used.

Please note that our leagues are NOT locally-scored and shot targets must be sent to our scorers for scoring.

Electronic targets approved by and registered with the NSRA may be used in any of the prone rifle iron sights and deliberate 10m air competitions as well as the 10m Rapid Fire Air Pistol competition if the equipment is designed for it (e.g. SQ10).



Summary of league competitions available
Short Range Prone Individuals & Teams
Short Range Benchrest any sights (rimfire rifles) (1) Individuals & Teams
Short Range Benchrest any sights (air rifles) (1) Individuals & Teams
50m/y Benchrest any sights (1) Individuals & Teams
100 yds Benchrest any sights (1)
Individuals & Teams
Long Range Any Sights (100y) Individuals only
Long Range Prone (50m/y) Individuals & Teams
Sport Rifle (rimfire or air) Individuals & Teams
Gallery Rifle (iron sights) Individuals only
Gallery Rifle (any sights) Individuals only
Long-barrelled Pistol (.22 rimfire) Individuals only
10m Air Rifle (2) Individuals & Teams
10m Air Pistol Individuals & Team
Supported Rest 10m Air Rifle (2) Individuals only
Supported Rest 10m Air Pistol (2) Individuals only
10m Rapid Fire Air Pistol Individuals only
6 Yards Air Pistol Individuals only
20 Yards Pistol (rimfire or air) Individuals & Teams
Short Range Standard Pistol (rimfire or air) Individuals only
Rapid Fire Rifle (any sights, rimfire or air) Individuals only
Muzzle Loading Pistol (single shot). Black powder only (3) Individuals only
Muzzle Loading Revolver. Black powder only (3) Individuals only
Muzzle Loading Nitro. Nitro powder only. Individuals only
Long-barrelled Revolver (from Summer 2024) Individuals only

(1) Xs will be counted in all the Benchrest competitions. BR targets must be used in the long-range competitions. Competitors in divisions 1 and 2 of the 50m BR comp must use the 50M10BR17-18 10-bull target.
(2) Wheelchair users may enter the standard 10m Air Rifle competition on the condition that they use a spring rest. The Supported Rest competitions are run to standard ISSF Rules and we are unable to accept entries from competitors shooting from a wheelchair. The age restrictions are suspended so anyone of any age may enter.
(3) Unless range rules prohibit black powder, when any recognised substitute may be used.

Currently, all the above competitions are run in both summer and winter seasons.

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