How the leagues are run

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1. Entries processing
2. How the Individual Leagues are run
3. How the Team Leagues are run
4. Results service
5. Awards

Club representatives responsible for making entries and/or sending cards to scorers (especially those new to the job) are strongly advised to read the Rules of our competitions (take the ‘Rules & Guidelines’ link under the ‘League Info’ menu item above). They contain the regulations governing all our competitions (firearms and targets to be used etc) as well as a Guidelines & Recommendations section.  We would appreciate it if those could be followed as it makes life a lot easier for both the organisers and the clubs.

For both the Individual and Team competitions, stickers will be issued before the start of the season, to be stuck on the front of all cards (supplied by the club) before shooting. Each sticker identifies the competition, the shooter, their division and the round number. There are concurrent Individual competitions for Juniors (under 21) and Seniors (60 and over). Currently, Junior and Senior Team competitions are not run.

Competitors who shoot in both Individual and Team leagues in the same discipline may opt to shoot their cards concurrently (i.e. have the same score count for both), by affixing both the Individual and Team stickers for each round on the same cards.

Our leagues are not locally-scored at the club and all targets must be sent in to our scorers.

There are ten two-weekly rounds in both types of league. The Summer season leagues run from about early May to the end of September, and the Winter season leagues run from about mid-October to mid-March. Entry forms become available shortly after the results for round 6 of the previous season are issued.

Each entrant must be declared on the entry form for each competition entered along with their average for the competition. For entrants who took part in the previous season’s equivalent competition, that average must be their actual average as at round 6. This will be checked by the entries-processing system. New entrants must use an average from another competition in the same discipline. If none is available then ‘practice’ cards must be shot in order to obtain an average to submit.

Take the following links to see explanations on how we run these leagues, and other points to note (these are the same links as are in the box at the top):

Entries processing
How the Individual Leagues are run
How the Team Leagues are run
Results service

Please use the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top if you require any further information.

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