league archive template page

Note on how to create a new season’s archive page:
Add a new page and give it a name in the form ‘Summer yyyy Archive’ or ‘Winter yyyy-yy Archive’.
Open this page and select Text view (v. important).
Copy the whole lot (ctl+A, ctl+C), go back to the new page, select Text view (v. important) and paste (ctl+V). Go back to Visual view.
Change the season and year below to the required values as per the page title (it may be copied/pasted). This is because this installation refuses to show the title (i.e. the page name) of the page when it’s published and viewed in a browser. For some reason this only seems to happen if the name contains numbers with more than one digit, as all these archive pages do. Hence this workaround to put a big bold title at the top of the page. It also provides a uniform table layout for all the archive pages, which was the original intent for creating this template.
Set the page’s Parent as League Archives (under Archives) so it gets listed in Pages view in a predictable and recognisable place. Leave the Order as 0: the pages will be listed in alphabetical order.
Upload all the available archive files for the season concerned to the Media Library and set links to them here in the normal way. Make the links to PDF files open in a new tab, but NOT the links to Excel files (they don’t open in a browser so there’s no point).
Open the archive/league archives page and link this new page to the appropriate season (after adding the season’s page name to the table if necessary).
Make sure you delete this note before Publishing!

season year Archive

Round No Results files
1 Excel PDF
2 Excel PDF
3 Excel PDF
4 Excel PDF
5 Excel PDF
6 Excel PDF
7 Excel PDF
8 Excel PDF
9 Excel PDF
10 Excel PDF
Averages @ R6 Excel PDF
Averages Excel PDF
Awards list Excel PDF

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