NSRA County Leagues 2021-22

Results for C&NTSA County Teams in season 2021-22

Take the ‘Comp nnn’ links below and a page in the NSRA’s Online Results Portal will be opened in a new tab showing all the results in all divisions of that competition.

Team Link to NSRA results page Latest round available Comment
Div 6
Comp 610 10 We beat the bottom team but remain in P5. The scores for the re-shoots given to one of our shooters in both rounds 2 and 4 have finally come through. We beat the team that eventually won the division in round 2 but they still won. Our round 4 result was unaffected and we finish in P5.
Women A
Div 3
Comp 612 10 A win with our best score of the season over the P2 team (which rather dented their hopes of winning) but we remain in P4.
Women B
Div 3
Comp 612 10 Lost to ther league leaders and drop to last place.
Div 3

Comp 605 10 A win against the bottom team originally kept us in P3 (out of 4) but the delayed re-shoot scores for same shooter as in the Main Team (cards shot concurrently) have come through and although the match results did not change the extra gunscore points gave us an advantage and we finished in P2 after tie-ing on league points with the P3 team.
Sport Rifle
Div 1
Comp 651 10 A win against bye in round 10 gives us a 100% record and we win the division by a mile. Congratulations to A Jackson who had the best average over the whole league.
Air Pistol
Div 1
Comp 680 10 A loss to the league leaders keeps us to P3.
Div 3
Comp 690 10 Lost to the P3 team and remain in P6.
Junior A
Div 2
Comp 614 10 A loss to the P5 team keeps us in P3.
Junior B
Div 3
Comp 614 10 The 2 points for a win against bye means we take the runner-up position on agg from the next team.
Junior C
Div 4
Comp 614 10 Beat bye and remain in P3 on agg from the team above.
Junior Airgun
Div 1
Comp 665 10 Won the last match to maintain the 100% record and win the division by 4 points and a huge difference in aggregate from the P2 team.

When new scores are available, the ‘Latest round available’ and the commentary will be updated.

To see the individual team members’ scores for any round in the NSRA’s results page, click on or touch the team total score and a popup window will show the all the scores for that round including any substitutes. Close it using the little ‘x’ at its top right or select another total box. The ‘Team A’ to the left of a team’s name means the county’s A or only team: ‘Team B’ is their B team etc.