County Leagues 2020-21

Results for C&NTSA County Teams in season 2020-21

As from 3rd February, the NSRA shortened the programme to rounds 1 – 5 only, and the last date for shooting all these rounds was eventually set as 26th July 2021. The results for all rounds were issued simultaneously in mid-August.

Congratulations to the County12, the Women’s and the Sport Rifle teams on winning their divisions. The winners’ badges will be distributed in due course.

Click or touch the ‘Comp nnn’ link below and a page in the NSRA’s Online Results Portal will be opened in a new tab showing all the results for that competition.

Team Link to NSRA results page Latest round available Comment
County12 Div 5 Comp 610 5 Finished 1st
Women Div 4
Comp 612 5 1st
Veterans Div 2
Comp 605 5 4th
Sport Rifle Div 2
Comp 651 5 1st
Air Pistol Div 2
Comp 680 5 4th

When new scores are available, the ‘Latest round available’ will be updated.

To see the individual team members’ scores for any round in the NSRA’s results page, click on or touch the team total score and a popup window will show the all the scores for that round including any substitutes and penalties. Close it using the little ‘x’ at its top right or select another total box. The ‘Team A’ to the left of a team’s name means the county’s A or only team: ‘Team B’ is their B team etc.